It was enough

She loved him for so long
He never looked back
She had drowned in her own song
Her tears made their way
He hated her for being a covetous sack


A story that unfolded
That was a time,way back
Corners of eyes had played games
The two souls had run bewildered.

No one knew, that the spell had been casted
It was neither them, nor else.

A year or two had passed,
He thought it was enough
Befuddled with love that had poured
Like most lager in a bar.
He thought it was enough.


She knew the signs
The text he sent, had cleared the vines
Maybe she smiled sometimes
At his stupid remarks, or perhaps smiles.

Maybe she made up her mind
She was at sea, but she could see

It was time the two souls meet.
She knew the signs…


He never knew the best expression
The best way to say how he loved her
The last night which he spent bemused
The next day he would be amused.
Amused at what had happened.
But again it was enough. 👼

by Samrat Dutta

Published by: yourssamrat

A fresh graduate, a new born writer. More interested in eating than writing though. Loves to watch movies. Has a great taste of paintings, sculptures, photographs. More to it..... ;)

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