Promise me…

“I know it is a bad thing to break a promise, but I think now that it is a worse thing to let a promise break you.”

Jennifer Donnelly

She said, “I promise you that i will always be the one at your side, no matter what comes next.”

Her brother glanced out of the window on the other side and retorted with a weak smile, “Everyone before you told me the same”

Many times we have been promised of something by someone. What exactly were your thoughts at that moment? Were you happy thinking that it will come? Or sad that it will be broken? Did it meant something, or otherwise?

People seem to promise a lot nowadays. I wonder how do they think of honouring it. Even i have promised many and many times i have broken it soon. Throughout the last few years i have gone through a subtle change. A change that rarely matters to anyone, but to me. There was a time when people really meant what they promised and were keen on keeping it. But the golden age is gone.

What do we say now, yes! Trust issues, isn’t it?

I hear girls crying over the same. Like their boyfriends promised them to marry and had asked them for sex, and they really fell for it. And now, they have successfully developed trust issues…’Men are dogs’ as i remember them calling.
I hear boys getting drunk over these. My girl promised to hold onto me, but left for that another guy who promised to something something. And then they go all gaga about disgusting comments for that girl.

What exactly is a promise? Is it something worth dying and protecting for? Or is it just something that one says when he/she wants to draw out favours.

Dear everyone, promises are nothing but a syllable that define life, it defines you at your happy time or the moment of excitement, over-enthusiasm. A big lie perhaps. But of-course not always.
I promise to give you a chocolate if you help me with my project”, is a mere bribe like promise, which are really kept. *smiles* But,like those which i mention earlier at the inception are vague, empty. They are rarely kept.

A person is infact what his word is. You will diligently trust a genuine person, one who keeps his word, won’t you? But at this point i would rather say, try to trust everyone. Do not judge someone with reference to a failed past. He may have been a bad son, but that doesn’t mean he will continue to be. She may have behaved lewdly, but that won’t stand true at the present. She/he might have failed to a promise before, that doesn’t guarantee that she/he will fail again. Changes are certain to happen. You will be broken if you stand against it, but will be moulded artistically if you blend and embrace it. Make this a promise.

The promise of life on the other hand is simple as i say it. Work harder than ever before, and it awaits you with a glorious future. It can never be broken, neither can it be ever falsified. Such should be a promise, unaffected by time or other prospects. Make such a promise to yourself.


Men and women today are hollow like never before. They lie. Most often they won’t agree with me, but they actually lie. They are made by the time they are stranded it, isolated from the truth that they must be the one making worth of. Sorrows are actually being followed, not left behind.

So it is all up to you. Tomorrow you may promise your beloved of something you might do. But think before it. And if you can’t possibly reason out, i suggest you to under-promise. Later you can over-perform, there is a different glory in that. Make this a promise.

Also I want to remind you that there is no shame in saying ‘NO’. Just because it is hard to say no, it doesn’t mean that we can’t.
Promises are broken easily, so make up to it. Sorry is an easy word.


The next time you think of promising someone, promise yourself that you will live up to it. Choose your words wisely. Emotions are costly, play less with them, they may fall and break. Make this a promise. 🙂

by Samrat Dutta

Published by: yourssamrat

A fresh graduate, a new born writer. More interested in eating than writing though. Loves to watch movies. Has a great taste of paintings, sculptures, photographs. More to it..... ;)

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