Sing your own song

β€œYou’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

William W. Purkey

How do you feel when someone hurts you? Probably worse than getting cut by a knife or getting your head impinge on a window pane, or running into a vehicle. It is natural, and that is nothing new. But why is that so? Is it because you are weak or is that your nature?
Let me tell you.

Humans are social animals, they need to come in contact with others of the same species or others. Of-course you know that. We live this life in a contagious way i.e, we get what we come into contact with, in an instant. Lets take an example, you come across someone who is a successful lawyer in a prestigious firm, immediately you start thinking what would it be like to have a life like him. You develop a certain empathy. That is what i meant by contagious life. Not only by direct contact, there are many indirect routes to it too. Lets say, your favourite actress(actor), think about it. And then you will see, somewhere inside, you want to be them. Be, what they are now. This is what i am talking about.
Now lets talk about a relation. Most of you might have been in a relation at some point of time. Tell me, did you ever find that its getting on your nerves, tearing you apart, breaking the hell loose inside you, straining every muscle in your body? Or was it always a puppy love, bed of roses, cuddling, stories like the ones in mills & boon? Or was it lust, full of steamy sex, kissing in hiding or theatres? Or it was a mixture of all above, where you had many promises like the one, where he promises her to marry after they grow up. Or a promise where she says that noone can take his place, neither she can love anyone else?
I bet that it has to be somewhere in between them. If it wasn’t then i guess your life was quite amazing, reading books, studying, wrecking olympiads and all. But i don’t call it a life.
Life is not all about how many degrees you get, or how many books you have read. I personally feel ‘The phrases’ matter the most. Life is what you learn from experiences. And believe me getting hurt is a part of it, well placed by the superior forces to make the best sword out from the ore.
There may be times when you get backstabbed by your best friend, when your lover leaves you or cheats on you, when you loose someone dear to you. There are other things which are more lethal, like when your parents get divorced, you are born with a deformity and everyone avoids you, or you are poor and all your friends are rich. Probably this all make people suicidal, but don’t accept the defeat. This all are nothing but the furnace where you are molten. Time passes and you will be cooled down to your own purpose.
Events like this are purposefully imbibed into our lifeline so that we understand how it feels to be in pain, and educate us not to inflict it on others. Essentially it puts us on the right side, the better path, to outperform every feat achieved by others.
So whenever you are hurt, do not sulk in. Face it with a smile. Do not take your failures as the end, strive on, you will see the light of success.
And talking of the relationship failures *laughs*, they are bound to happen. As they say, you never learn to rise if you don’t fall.
So my suggestion to you is, why stop when you failed someone, try someone else. Love him/her like you were never hurt. Who knows, this tree may actually bear the fruit you longed for.
But never get influenced by the negative vibes. Be independent in your thoughts, sing the song that your heart wants to. Keep smiling. πŸ™‚

by Samrat Dutta

Published by: yourssamrat

A fresh graduate, a new born writer. More interested in eating than writing though. Loves to watch movies. Has a great taste of paintings, sculptures, photographs. More to it..... ;)

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